Wattpad Write-Up: Chasing Red

Review: Chasing Red by Isabella Ronin

Series: Bad Boy In Love #1

Genre: NA Romance

Page length: (book is not yet completed as of 18/7/2015)

Published on: 20 June 2014

Publisher: Wattpad

Synopsis: She was fire and I wanted her to burn me. Like a moth to a flame, I could not resist. She was broken. A puzzle that was missing a few pieces. Maybe I’d carve my own pieces to complete her. They said she was going to be my ruin. …then let her ruin me

RATING:  ✯✯✯½
I like some of the elements in this story, however, there are some things which I find absolutely annoying. Let’s start with the things I like about Chasing Red.

Right from the first line, I was immediately sucked into the story. The narrative is clear, though at some parts it was confusing.

The main character, Veronica “Red”, isn’t my favourite character in the story, but I admire some of her traits. Unlike most romance novels where the protagonist is helpless and constantly require saving, Veronica is independent and fends for herself. However, for most of the time when she’s around Caleb, I felt that she became weak.

Camille, Veronica’s best friend, is probably my favourite character in the story. She’s stubborn, kickass and unapologetic, and though she tends to swear, I find her relatable. At first, I dislike her as she comes across as an unfriendly and cold character. As the story progresses, more of Camille’s life is revealed, so I find her more likeable.

I’ve some issues with Chasing Red. First is Caleb, the second protagonist as Veronica’s love interest. I kind of like him at first, but as the story progresses, I find him more and more annoying. One thing I didn’t like was how he tried to exert control over Veronica.Wait! Put your pitchforks down!

Before you start attacking me, let me explain why I felt that way. I know Caleb cares a lot (like, A LOT) for Veronica, and he would do anything within his powers to protect her. However, the way he shows his care and love seemed more like he’s trying to… dominate Veronica or something similar. I personally don’t like someone dominating or controlling someone else, so I don’t like how Caleb showed how he much he cares for Veronica.

Also, I felt that the story dragged on for too long. There are lots of steamy and sexy scenes of Veronica and Caleb in the story, as well as scenes which increase tension. But I don’t see any climax. At least, not yet (story isn’t complete yet, you see).

Overall, Chasing Red is above average, but there’s nothing to write home about. It is a great story, but it is missing that special thing which make me go,”Hell yeah! This is damn near perfection!” Still, I will continue reading and supporting Chasing Red till the very end. Hopefully, the ending isn’t disappointing.


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