Book Review: Araminta

AramintaReview: Araminta by Lavender Brooke

Series: Gilgandra #1

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Page Length: 414

Published on: 23 December 2014

Publisher: self-published

Synopsis: In disgrace for what she sees as a minor transgression, Araminta, the spirited Princess of Dilkara, is being sent on a Merit Quest. And all to prove herself worthy of marriage to Prince Aurik of Kriegvald, a man who she has never met and whose very name she loathes. Furious and humiliated, Araminta sets out on a perilous journey. In an adventure which will test her spirit and cunning to the limit, she must face ogres, Aelves, goblins and even a dragon to collect the Quest Trove before her time runs out. Against enormous odds – and despite the interference of the irritating Ryder, soldier of Kriegvald – Princess Araminta must show she is not only the equal of any Prince but also a fitting ruler of the Kingdom of Dilkara.

Rating: ✯✯✯


I was hesitating between three stars and four stars, but after much thinking, I gave it three.

Araminta contains a lot of fantasy tropes, or fantasy cliches. And I could predict what was going to happen next.

Let’s talk about the predictability of the plot. At chapter one, I made a guess at who was the villain, and by the fourth chapter, the villain was waving a banner at me and jumping up and down.  And I could see the twist coming right from the beginning. Like how the “soldier” was actually the prince Araminta was supposed to marry.

I was very tempted to shove the book aside and read another story. Since I already figured out most of the plot before I reached the middle of the story, it became boring.

But I read on, hoping something interesting would pop out like jack-in-a-box.

Did anything unexpected happen in the next few chapters?

Of course. Not.  I was already turning off by the fifth chapter.

There is so much unnecessary description of the world. While I appreciate the effort the writer put in to describe the fantasy world, I personally think it’s too much.

And the pacing! So slow… It’s like fighting through a tank glue.

The ONLY thing I find intersting is the main character Araminta, and I don’t even like her. Okay, not exactly hate her, but I’m not saying I’m a fan of her.  She’s just… Perfect. In terms of facial features, at least. She has green eyes (which are RARE), complimentary hair, and isn’t too fat or too thin. To sum it up, she’s inhumanly pretty. And it’s NOT realistic at all.

Araminta is whiny. A little. Complains about stuffs, like a spoilt princess she is. Throws a bunch of tantrums too. Hey, is she the long lost twin of Eadlyn from The Heir?

Then there’s Ryder, who is slightly more interesting than Araminta. Only slightly. Why I didn’t like him: he’s Mr Tall and Perfect. Not 100% Mary Sue, but close enough.

I would’ve love this book if 1) the plot wasn’t so predictable, 2)the characters aren’t too pretty or handsome 3)less of purple prose. I still want to like this book. If I read Araminta again maybe I’ll change my opinion. But until then, this will be my opinion on the book.

Enjoy Factor: 3/5

Character: 2.5/5

World Building: 2.8/5

Writing Style: 2.8/5

Overall: 2.8/5 (rounded up)


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