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Review: Of Frost and Cinder

Author: Imogen Isles

Genre: YA | Paranormal

Series: Perennial Chaos Series #1

Synopsis:  After a freak accident that Shelland Conall can’t remember, a strange boy with a snarky attitude shows up on her front porch, shocking her with the realization that he’s been following her.

To make matters worse, her stalker claims to be the one that saved her from her unknown brush with death, and he comes bearing an unthinkable truth: someone’s been poisoning her.

It’s not just any type of poison, but a suppressant disguised as an everyday pill, and it’s been specifically crafted to stultify something inside her. The question is, what?

Now, Shelland must learn how to decipher what’s real and what’s not. She thinks they’ve both gone crazy. That he’s a rambling loony, and she’s just as insane for listening, but when his ramblings soon turn to fact, Shelland will have to question everything she’s ever known. Who can she trust? Her family, her best friend, or the enigmatic stranger with eyes like ice and a heart to match?

Rating: ✯✯✯✯

ReviewOf Frost and Cinder is about Shelland, a teenage girl, who has two bratty stepsisters, a mean stepmother and a father who divorced with Shelland’s mom. As Shelland was driving on the highway, she got into an accident and woke up the next day not remembering anything. Then this guy appears and Shelland’s life is thrown upside down.

There’s a bunch of things I’ve to say for Of Frost and Cinder, a mix of good and bad. I love a lot of things about the story, but there are also things that I disliked about.

Let’s start with things that I did like about Of Frost and Cinder.

Does the book cover count? Because it’s soooo shiny! Also, the book cover matches the story well. And because I’m mean, I won’t say anything about it.

Shelland is just, WOW. She is so real. She isn’t the perfect little princes (A.K.A Mary Sue); she has flaws, wasn’t liked by all characters in the story, you get the meaning. One of the rare times which I actually feel so connected to a character.

Onto the plot! Of Frost and Cinder’s story plot is freaking fantastic. I absolutely love the idea of the memory suppressants and the witchcraft and paranormal elements. I don’t think I’ve seen a plot like this before. Or if I did I forgot.

But of course, there are cons in the story.

I don’t think I’ve came across a book in which the characters aren’t secretly super gorgeous, and Shelland is no exception. Although I did mention above that she isn’t Mary Sue’s long lost twin sister, based on the descriptions of her in the story, I personally felt that she’s too pretty.

Also, there’s the Brooding Bad Boy. Please welcome the trusty werewolf sidekick, . He’s a werewolf who quite obviously was attracted to Shelland but he suppressed his feelings for her and acted all Mr Smirk. Again, another cliche. However, I find him an interesting character and it would be better if he has more depth (and not act Mr Smirk).

The romance between Shelland and the werewolf was almost equivalent to nothing. There was some sparks flying, but very little.

Then we’ve the minor characters. The minor characters were lacking in depth.

Though the plot is freaking awesome, I got confused when I start a new chapter. There’s like this big gap between the chapters so I was often left wondering what just happened when I read the next chapter. I’ve to reread the previous pages (sometimes the previous chapter) to understand the current chapter.

I felt that the world building was pushed aside. There wasn’t much information given on the paranormal world so I was often left with unexplained questions like what is this, what is that, why this happened.

The narrative was, at some point, so long-winded that I skimmed through the page.

Of Frost and Cinder has the potential to become a great book, and Imogen’s writing style is unique and wonderful. I love the characters (most, anyway) and the awesome plot, but much of the story revolves around Shelland, leaving little room for world building. This might not be a bad thing, but I feel the story would be better if there are more information on the world.

*please note that I reviewed a first draft*



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