Title: The Reaper’s Daughter

Author: K.M Randall

Genre: Fantasy | Paranormal | Young Adult

Series: Standalone, but with possibility of a sequel

Publisher: Book Trope

Publication Date:  9 May 2015

EBook: 244 pages

Source: Received a copy from the author. (Thank you!)                                       

Synopsis: I’ve always felt like an average girl … except for my strange relationship with death. You could say I like to court it. Whether I’m soaring through the air as a flyer for Specter University’s cheer squad, or speeding down the steepest mountain with only grace and balance keeping me from an icy end, I’ve always needed to feel a rush. But now Death is courting me―in more ways than one. First, there’s Rishi, a rogue death deity who has a penchant for annoying me nearly to my grave and whose intense gaze has the power to see right through me. Then there’s Hades, who I’d rather had stayed just a myth. Now that he knows I exist, he’s not going to leave me alone until I meet the same end as my mother.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention her? I spent my whole life thinking she had died when I was a baby, but now I’ve found out she’s much more than dead. Fifty years ago, Hades banished my mother from the underworld and took away her ability to cross over souls―souls that have wandered lost through the world ever since. Now she wants me to clean up the mess. You may have heard of her before…

They call her the Grim Reaper.

Rating: ✯✯


I tried. I just couldn’t get into it.

First things first, this story is BORING. Like, really, really boring. One paragraph in and I’m already dozing off. But I refuse to DNF because I’m anti-DNF. Maybe it would have been better if I’d DNF instead forcing myself to continue reading.

For the next few chapters, there wasn’t much tension and the majority of the chapters are filled with either crappy dialogues or overly long narrative. The main character became annoying, and one-dimensional, just like every other character present in the book.

Speaking of characters, I feel the characters weren’t well-written. Most of them are cheesy and cliché and just very irritating. Especially Blake. I can stand Special Snowflake Characters, provided they’re not whiny and weak. Sadly, Blake is weak and whiny and really childish. She’s in college and yet she acts like a high school student I wish she can be more mature.

The romance between our two main characters, Blake and Rishi felt fake and forced. There was zero chemistry. And when I say ‘zero chemistry’, I literally mean zero chemistry.

The only redeeming quality this book has is the plot. While it has some tropes, it’s interesting a quite different from other Death/Reaper-related stories in the YA community.

Overall, The Reaper’s Daughter is just another typical YA book filled with looooong narratives and bland characters. However, I like the plot. The author has a good imagination. All she need is a good editor to polish up her story and characters.


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