I’m so excited to be revealing the cover for HEART OF THORNS by Nicolette Andrews! I read one of her fantasy novel, Kitsune, last year and enjoyed it immensely. So I can’t wait to get my hands on HEART OF THONS! Without further ado, let’s reveal the cover.

*drum rolls please*

raven faestock (2)

Doesn’t it look gorgeous?!!

Summary:  Catherine arrives at Thornwood Abbey on the heels of rushed marriage. The gothic style mansion is shrouded in fog and a sinister past. When neighbors start dying one after another, their hearts cut out, no one notices except for Catherine. The murders are tied to Catherine and old village superstition. In order to save herself, Catherine must confront her scandalous past before the killer takes her heart.

This sounds sooo interesting! Be sure to add it to Goodreads!

raven faestock (2)


About the Author


Nicolette Andrews is a romantic fantasy author who lives in San Diego CA. She’s been trapped inside magical world, heavily influenced by Southern California, for most of her life. She doesn’t likes to take life too seriously (or herself for that matter). Her favorite creative medium is writing, whether it is on paper, or on a computer but on occasion, she likes to pretend she can draw or even may attempt homemade gifts, with varied results. She enjoys cooking, baking and generally working with her hands. She spends most of her free time with her family: two daughters and a wonderful husband plus a few cats and a dog.

Connect with Nicolette! 

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