Review Policy

Types of books I review:

  • E-book /Paperback
  • Completed
  • By indie & traditionally published writers
  • By Wattpaders

Preferred Genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Romance
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Young/New Adult

Types & genres of books that I usually don’t review: Everything else

If you want me to do a review on your book, email me at Alternatively, you can drop me a message through the message box HERE. In your message/email, include these things: title of book genre book description

Be nice and polite in your message/email or I’ll ignore you!

I’ll try to find the book in the bookstores in my country, or through e-reader apps. But if I can’t get the book (either in e-book or paperback format), then sorry.

I’ve the right to decline the request to review your book. I’ll not go more than the reason, “It doesn’t appeal to me.”

DISCLAIMERS: All reviews are my own honest opinion. At times they may be ranty and harsh. Most of the GIFS, Memes and images are not mine and were found for free to use on Tumblr and Giphy. All reviews are written by me unless stated otherwise. Books that I review are purchased or borrowed. Books which I receive as an ARC copy in exchange of honest reviews will be tag under ‘ARC’.  


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