Rating System

♛ = 7 stars:

Reserved for books that has a complicated and (or close to) unique/original plot and characters with lots of depth. Extremely addictive and has almost no flaws (grammar, spellings, etc). Highly recommended and I will definitely re-re-read the book.

♚ = 6 stars:

Books that are highly addictive, complicated though not really unique/original plot, characters with lots of depth, and not much language flaws. I will definitely re-read the story. Highly recommended!


Highly addictive, not really unique/original plot, characters with depth, well paced but with some language flaws. Worth re-reading the story. Recommended!


Addictive story, but the plot is somewhat unique/original, characters have depth but can be further developed and some language flaws. Might consider re-reading and/or recommending.


Story is somewhat addictive, plot is not entirely original, characters lacking some depth, some language flaws, writing/ narrative is sometimes confusing and awkward. Book is average at best.


Practically slogging through the entire story, the book lacks in character development, is riddled with language flaws and plot is somewhat original. However, the book still has some good stuffs which saved it from being a total disaster.


Did not finish/ not my cup of tea. The book is a pain to read and a complete waste of time. I want my money and some time of my life back!


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